Can a balsam hurt?
No, the balsam can't hurt. Everything in the body is interconnected. When it enters the stomach, the balsam just supplements the already existing gastric juice and MUCH simplifies the work of the entire digestive system.
If one constantly adds gastric juice, will the stomach stop producing it?
It's impossible. Physiologically, gastric juice production cannot stop. What do we do by balsam intake? - We allow the stomach to fully digest food and thereby avoid harmful deposits and dilute the blood, and diluted blood, in turn, cleanses the vessels and, as a result, the entire body.
Why should one dilute gastric juice with Bolotov balsam, if there is another way?
Of course, there are other ways. For example, vinegar, eating spicy and salty foods, citric acid ... But the balsam makes it more effective, because. repeats the formula of gastric juice.
Why does gastric juice insufficiency happen?
It's simple. Heat treating of food products, their excessive purification, chemicals excess lead to the fact that the stomach stops producing enough gastric juice. So there is a need to help.
So, can one say that the balsam is a panacea for all diseases?
No, I cannot say that. The body is the body, but still, from my own experience and the experience of my patients, I want to say that this is a weighty help on the way to health. If you still use the nutritional recommendations that I described in my books, then you will forget about diseases once and for all. For example, at 87 I don’t get sick and do a physical work.
With heartburn (high acidity), can one use a balsam?
You cannot, you need. All this occurs not because there is a lot of gastric juice, but on the contrary, because there is gastric juice insufficiency. Food is poorly digested and so-called heartburn occurs. Drink a couple of spoons of balsam and you will be surprised how quickly relief comes.
Is Bolotov balsam sold in a volume of 500 ml without a box?
Yes, it is sold without a box. The 250 ml Bolotov balsam is sold in a box, and a large 500 ml bottle is sold with instructions for use, but without a packing box.
Is succinic acid is not indicated in the composition of the old labels of Bolotov balsam with a volume of 500 ml?
On the old labels, succinic acid is not indicated in the composition, but succinic acid is an integral part of Bolotov Balsam and it is in there, according to the original recipe of Academician Bolotov. Now all labels contain succinic acid.
If there is a sediment in the Balsam, or has it brightened?
The appearance of a slight sediment at the bottom of the bottle, clarification of the Balsam during storage is acceptable. The presence of sediment and color change do not change the consumer properties of the product and its quality.