Immunity strengthening

Strong immunity, first of all, is connected with the proper functioning of the digestive tract. After all, most of the lymph nodes are located along the vessels that carry lymph from the small and large intestines, kidneys, stomach, and lungs. The lymphatic system is called the transport system of immunity, since the lymphatic channel carries out the influx of antigens. The stomach is the first barrier to entry of pathogenic organisms. If the the stomach acidity is disturbed, this leads to the entry of microorganisms and viruses into the body.
Применение Бальзама Болотова при гипертонии


Human immunity consists of a cellular part - leukocytes, and a humoral part - antibodies and non-specific protective blood proteins. At the same time, leukocytes neutralize the cells and proteins of the enemy, destroy their own "damaged" cells. Antibodies - attach to viruses, bacteria and foreign proteins, deactivating and neutralizing them.

The most important task of the immune system is its ability to recognize new enemies and quickly program new white blood cells to produce antibodies.

In order for all components of the immune system to work normally, it is necessary to have the correct metabolism, ferment systems. The ability of the body to quickly neutralize and remove decay products is also important. All this happens only under conditions when the blood and tissues acidity is normal, and the buffer systems of the blood are able to cope with increased loads.

Bolotov Balsam normalizes the pH level of the blood and dilutes it. This allows you to quickly cleanse the blood of excess bacteria, viruses, toxins. After 30 years, the concentration and level of gastric juice decreases and the aged person increasingly begins to suffer from gastrointestinal problems. The balsam stimulates ferments and hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, which helps to restore the excretory system, digestion, starts the intoxication process of the body and increases human immunity.

The course of treatment should be accompanied by a diet (for clients of the Bolotov Center, our specialists will select a diet for free), as well as a lifestyle correction.

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Dosage for this disease

Instructions for use

Drink 1 tsp. diluted in 200 ml of water 3 times a day after meals. It is necessary to drink through a straw. After reaching the goal of treatment, it is recommended to take the Balsam on an ongoing basis for prevention (1 month per quarter).

If there are residual symptoms, the first course of treatment should be repeated after a break. 


The course is 2-3 months (depending on degree of severity).
It is recommended to repeat the course 2-3 times with 1-4 weeks break.
The first positive results are felt after the 2nd month of the product intake.

The original drink may contain a slight grape sediment of a jelly-like mass with insoluble particles.
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Bolotov Balsam
Bolotov Balsam strengthens the immune system
Activates the immune system
The acids in the Balsam increase the overall acidity of the body. So the immune system receives a signal that it needs to be activated, and copes with viruses faster.
Digestion improving
It improves and facilitates digestion, which makes it possible to reduce the load on the immune system connected with improper food digestion and pathogenic organisms in the intestines.
Changes in blood viscosity
Thinned blood passes through the vessels more easily. The blood flow in the capillaries and small arteries increases, the supply of oxygen to the blood and brain improves. The body cleans up faster.