Bolotov Balsam for hypertension

Studies conducted among 1000 people with blood pressure disorders showed that after 4 months of Bolotov Balsam intake, 871 people showed pressure normalization within healthy limits. It proves the high effectiveness of the Balsam for hypertension and hypotension.
Применение Бальзама Болотова при гипертонии


Arterial hypertension affects about 20-30% of adult population. With age, the incidence rate in the population increases after 65 years and reaches 50-65%. Hypertension occurs even in 3.5% of children and adolescents. There is about 30% of deaths due to strokes or heart attacks.

No less dangerous is blood pressure decrease by 20% of the original one – it is arterial hypotension. It does not cause such severe consequences as hypertension. Its significance is that pathology is typical for young, able-bodied people from 18 to 30 years old. Hypotension affects well-shapes asthenic girls and young men actively doing sports. As a result of insufficient blood supply to the organs, their tissues begin to experience hypoxia and metabolic disorders.

High or low blood pressure leads to a malfunction and disruption of the state of all organs and systems of the body.

Bolotov balsam does not stop the symptoms, but improves the functioning of the body, eliminating the root cause of the disease, and also helps to get rid of complications caused by blood circulatory disorders.

Bolotov balsam does not stop the symptoms, but improves the functioning of the body, eliminating the root cause of the disease. It restores the digestive process, promotes toxins elimination, restores the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach.

Dosage for this disease

Instructions for use

Intake is in the complex treatment of high blood pressure.
Drink 1 tsp. diluted in 200 ml of water 3 times a day after meals. It is necessary to drink through a straw.


The full course is 2-3 months. Break between courses 1-4 weeks.
The original drink may contain a slight grape sediment of a jelly-like mass with insoluble particles.
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Bolotov Balsam
Bolotov Balsam helps with hypertension treatment
Body purification
Atherosclerosis and spine salt deposits, pinching the cervical arteries, are reduced, cholesterol plaques in the vessels disappear.
Cardiac output decreasing
In the early stages, increased cardiac output is the main immediate cause of hypertension.
Blood viscosity changing
Thinned blood passes through the vessels more easily. The blood flow in the capillaries and small arteries increases, the oxygen supply to the blood and brain improves.
Normalization of kidney function
Normalization of salt balance, protein metabolism and blood acidity returns normal kidney function. Namely, healthy kidneys are the most important factor in the development of hypertension.