GI tract treatment acc. Bolotov

GI tract diseases occupy the third place in the ranking of the most common diseases, second only to pathologies of the heart and vascular system, as well as oncology. Diseases of the digestive system are diagnosed in people of different ages, representatives of various social groups, types of activity.
Применение Бальзама Болотова при болезнях ЖКТ

There are plenty of reasons for this:

  • bad ecology;
  • rapid pace of life and emotional stress;
  • dreary and poor nutrition, diets;
  • low quality food offered by the modern food industry.

Not only adults, but also children are at risk for developing the GI tract dysfunctions, various parts of intestine, and pancreas. In the youngest patients, dysbacteriosis and colitis are often diagnosed. School-age children have gastritis and pancreatitis. There are frequent cases of diagnosing stomach and duodenal ulcers in very young 20-30-year-old people. In most patients over 30 years, the GI tract diseases take a chronic form, significantly reducing life quality and posing a real threat to a sick person life.

A huge number of products offered by pharmaceutical companies often only remove the symptoms - pain and heartburn, reduce gastric juice production, fill up the lack of digestive ferments. However, they do not eliminate the cause of internal organs dysfunctions. In addition, taking pharmaceutical drugs is often accompanied by side effects - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation.

We bring to your notice an effective remedy for the GI tract diseases, which has no age restrictions, gently affecting the GI tract, contributing to its well-coordinated work.

Bolotov Balsam: an effective remedy for GI tract diseases

GI tract treatment according to Bolotov has gained medical community recognition around the world. And one of the product that are included in the therapeutic scheme is Bolotov Balsam.

The natural product consists of ingredients devoid of contraindications. Numerous people reviews who have already tried Bolotov balsam for the GI tract treatment confirm the high therapeutic effect and side effects absence. It is due to the unique balanced composition, which includes bioactive substances - vitamins, micro and macro elements, natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. This ingredients combination promotes complete elimination of digestive system dysfunctions and their consequences.

An effective remedy proved to be excellent, both when it is used in combination, as GI tract treatment according to Bolotov, and as a self-sufficient product, when it is only necessary to correct digestive system functioning.

The balsam is recommended for people of all age categories, which significantly increases its therapeutic value. Indeed, for children and the elderly it is hard to find a safer and more effective means for digestive system normalizing the functioning. These categories of patients are often diagnosed with hypoacidity. Bolotov balsam intake normalizes the gastric juice acidity and its quantity in a short time. As a result, the processes of food digestion are established, metabolic processes are stabilized, digestive tract mucous membrane is updated, and intestine slagging is reduced.

It is important to note that gastric juice has a bactericidal effect. It kills pathogenic microflora that enters the body with food and drink. If it is allocated in insufficient quantities, fungi and microbes protection decreases. By normalizing the produced gastric juice composition, Bolotov balsam not only has a beneficial effect on GI tract functioning. Its intake has a positive effect on the functioning of other body systems. The GI tract restoration according to Bolotov becomes the prevention thyroid gland and adrenal cortex dysfunctions, obesity, vascular and heart diseases.

What diseases does Bolotov balsam fight against?

The unique complex of a wide action spectrum has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of the following diseases, pathologies and dysfunctions:

  • constipation and diarrhea;
  • heartburn, nausea, vomiting;
  • excessive gas formation, colitis;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • excessive GI tract activity of pathogenic microflora (harmful microbes and bacteria);
  • loss of appetite.

As digestive system functioning directly affects the immune system, restoring its work, unique Bolotov balsam strengthens the protective functions of the body.

How does Bolotov balsam work?

Active natural components included inti the balsam have a complex effect on various systems and organs:

  • protect the liver from toxins, stimulate bile production and removal, improve organ blood supply;
  • treat gastritis, ulcers, normalize gastric juice acidity and its produced amount, restore the epithelium, destroy pathogenic microflora, including Helicobacter pylori bacteria;
  • have a beneficial effect on pancreas functioning, eliminate inflammation, restore tissues at the cellular level, promote digestive ferments production;
  • normalize the work of all parts of the intestine, improve nutrients absorption, protect the intestinal wall from erosion;
  • restore intestinal flora;
  • dissolve stones, which is the prevention of gallstone disease.

What results can be expected of Bolotov balsam intake?

  • Digestive processes and metabolism normalization within 2-3 weeks from the product intake start.
  • Cleansing of blood vessels, atherosclerosis prevention.
  • Intestinal microflora restoration, prevention of slagging of the body.
  • Cholelithiasis prevention.
  • Gastritis, ulcers, erosions of the digestive tract treatment.

The effectiveness of Bolotov balsam has been proven by numerous clinical studies and is confirmed daily by patient reviews.

Please refer to Bolotov unique gastrointestinal treatments to learn more about how to restore digestive health safely and effectively.

Dosage for diseases of the GI tract

Instructions for use

Take 3 times a day after meals. First week - 1 tsp. diluted in 200 ml of water. Second week - 2 tsps. in 200 ml of water. To preserve tooth enamel, the solution should be drunk through a straw.


Minimal treatment course is 2-3 months. 1-4 weeks break.

    The original drink may contain a slight grape sediment of a jelly-like mass with insoluble particles.
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Bolotov Balsam
Bolotov balsam has the following effect on the GI tract
Body weight normalization
It helps restore metabolism, prevents excess fat accumulation in the body, which promotes weight loss and weight retention.
Vessel cleansing
The balsam helps to improve the digestion process, normalizes blood viscosity, reduces bad cholesterol level and prevents the cholesterol plaques formation in the blood vessels.
Microflora of the GI tract restoration
The balsam helps to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, restores the normal microflora of the GI tract, controls the cell renewal processes.
Stone formation prevention
The balsam promotes salts and stones dissolution and removal in the kidneys and gallbladder, cleanses the bile ducts.
Bolotov balsam promotes digestive processes restoration of and the synthesis processes of necessary ferments, normalizes gastric juice volume and composition. As a result, the stomach works, as in youth.