The basis of diabetes treatment is to reduce the load on the pancreas, as it produces insulin. The studies of Boris Bolotov proved that with a complex intake of acids, it is possible to normalize GI tract functioning, which will lead to the normalization of insulin production processes and blood sugar levels decrease in diabetic patients.
Применение Бальзама Болотова при гипертонии


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, due to which there is a critical shortage of insulin (which is produced by pancreatic hormones). 

There are several factors of causes of the disease, among them: heredity, carbohydrate products overeating, mental illness, overweight, severe inflammatory processes, etc. A lack of insulin leads to the fact that the liver cannot fully convert the glucose that enters the body with food into glycogen.

Bolotov balsam helps to normalize the digestive process, dilutes bile and helps to eliminate bile and pancreatic ducts spasms, restores liver function, starts intoxication process of the body, stimulates pancreas regeneration, and starts insulin production. It is important to realize that only with the restoration of a full-fledged digestive process, excretory system normalization, it is possible to start regeneration process of pancreas, as digestive process is closely related to this organ and in most cases pancreas diseases appear because of the problems of the GI tract.

The treatment course should be accompanied by a diet (for clients of Bolotov Center, our specialists will select a diet for you free of charge), as well as a lifestyle correction.

Dosage for this disease

Instructions for use

Take 3 times a day after meals. First week - 1 tsp. diluted in 200 ml of water. Second week - 2 tsps. in 200 ml of water.
It is necessary to drink through a straw.


The course is 6-12 months with 1-4 weeks break.
The original drink may contain a slight grape sediment of a jelly-like mass with insoluble particles.
Order Bolotov Balsam
Bolotov Balsam
Bolotov balsam helps to neutralize following consequences of diabetes
Normalization of digestion
Correct gastric juice acidity restores and, due to this, digestion process of food facilitates.
Pancreatic support
Due to the complex action, the Balsam reduces the load on pancreas, thus allowing it to better cope with insulin production.
Cleansing the body
The body is cleansed of toxins, lethargy, drowsiness disappears, and overall well-being improves.