About Bolotov Balsam

The balsam recovers the GI tract, cleanses and recovers cardiovascular system functioning, removes salts from the joints, recovers the immune system, and helps the human body, without chemicals, fight pathogenic bacteria and neoplastic diseases.

Gastric juice is a gold reserve of a whole human body

Bolotov Balsam is a natural product made by academician Bolotov to rejuvenate the body (patent No. 16111 of 07/17/2006).  It has a restorative effect, heals the cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, nervous system, normalizes digestion, enhances proper metabolism, fills organic processes and strength activity.

The drink cleanses the body and participates in the tissue regeneration process. It prevents the accumulation of toxins, nitrates and toxins. It helps dissolve old and damaged cells -  therefore it gives the opportunity for the growth of new and young ones. The balsam prevents the stone formation in kidneys, bladder and removes excess salt. Also, it cleanses the blood and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar level, so after a course of treatment, the heart works much better and blood pressure normalizes, the risk of stroke and heart attack is significantly reduced.

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Due to its chemical and biological features, Bolotov balsam has a complex effect on the body, strengthening the most important life systems. Amber acid allows you to activate the digestion of food and its assimilation at all process stages - from the activation of gastric juice enzymes to cellular respiration. High-polyphenol grape vinegar removes toxins, toxins, and radiation. The complex of acids contributes to the normalization of the work of the digestive tract, starts the body tissue regeneration process.
Bolotov balsam is a significant help on the way to health.

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When Bolotov Balsam
can be used?

GI tract diseases
Gastric juice plays an important role in digestion, maintaining metabolic processes, updating the epithelium of the internal organs of the GI tract and eliminating toxins. The reason of many diseases of the digestive system are pathogenic microorganisms, fungus. Gastric juice has bactericidal features. By normalizing its composition, Bolotov Balsam does not affect the manifestations of the disease, but its cause.
High cholesterol level
The dietary supplement helps with atherosclerosis - it dissolves cholesterol plaques and fatty acid deposits, thins the blood, eliminating and preventing the thrombus formation. It greatly reduces the probability of heart attacks and strokes. The walls of arteries and veins are strengthened, their elasticity increases.
High blood sugar level
The effectiveness of taking balsam in type II diabetes is due to the fact that it normalizes metabolism, the condition and functioning of the pancreas, and has a beneficial effect on the liver.
Metabolic disorder
Bolotov Balsam contains mineral and organic acids that normalize blood acidity and the body's energy metabolism. Due to amber and pyruvic acids balsam promotes proper energy metabolism in the cell and normalizes metabolism.
The complex of acids included in Bolotov Balsam has adaptogenic features - it helps the body deal with an unfavorable environment, promotes detoxification and cleansing, restoring the body at the cellular level. Such processes rejuvenate the body, more cheerfulness and strength appears.
Skin problems
Any digestive problems will definitely affect the skin appearance and vice versa: if you have skin problems - rashes, blackheads, spots – you likely have digestive disorder. Perhaps you have accumulated toxins, some vitamin is poorly absorbed, or there are some problems with immunity - most of it is formed in the intestines. Bolotov Balsam is able to improve digestion and thereby improve the skin appearance.
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