What is Bolotov’s balsam?
This is a complex of acids that stimulates the production of gastric acid and enzymes for proper digestion.

Bolotov's balsam acts in several stages:

  • normalization of the acid-base balance in the body;
  • normalization of the composition of gastric acid, regulation of enzymes, bile, acid levels.
  • rmalization of the stomach (the result is felt after a few days) - the stomach works correctly, the food is completely digested, the body receives all the vitamins and is cleansed;
  • insoluble salts begin to be excreted from the body. As the result, vessels are cleansed, stones in internal organs begin dissolving, blood thins;
  • as a result of these processes, the internal organs begin to work properly: sugar levels, pressure, metabolism, etc. normalize.

Bolotov's balsam is also effective in:

High blood sugar
High cholesterol

This is confirmed by a research performed by the Bolotov’s Center.

The study involved more than two hundred people with various gastrointestinal disorders. The age of volunteers from was 30 to 80 years. Researches have shown that a group of people who had been taking Bolotov's Balm for 3 months, felt a significant improvement in the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. 69% of people have recovered the chronic gastrointestinal disorders. 22% of people felt the state of health improved significantly, but some of the symptoms persisted. 9% of people experienced a short-term improvement.

Bolotov's balsam is produced in Ukraine by the Bolotov’s Center.

Our company has always helped people in peacetime and, now, when our country is on fire, we cannot keep out of it. We have not stopped production, as we are responsible not only to our employees and thousands of people who need our products. Moreover, it is our straight duty to help injured people and the military of Ukraine. So we donate most of our income - 30% of the product cost to the Ukrainian army fund and the victims of hostilities.

We produce really a unique product that will help not only restore the digestive process, but normalize the health of human body as well. While buying the balsam, you will not only take care of your health, but also help Ukrainians in such hard time. Thank you to stay with us.

Bolotov’s balsam is a unique product developed and patented by Academician Bolotov in Ukraine. For over 40 years, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. According to statistics, 25% of people after 25 years old, have deficiency of the necessary acids for proper digestion. After 30 years the level increases to 50%. By the age of 70, the level of acidity of gastric juice remains at the level of 30%. This leads to:

  • metabolic disorders and overweight;
  • vitamins are not absorbed;
  • quality of blood vessels get worse;
  • hypertension development;
  • risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack is increased;
  • joints and internal organs calcination ;
  • micromegaly begins.

Bolotov's balsam allows you to:

  • normalize the gastric acidity
  • restore the digestive process
  • possibility to normalize the function of digestion at any age.