Heartburn is a burning or hot feeling in the upper abdomen or behind sternum. This is an unpleasant sensation that may be accompanied by coughing, abdominal pain when bending over. More than 20% of the population of large cities suffer from heartburn several times a week, from 40 to 60% of the population feel it periodically, once a month or several months. 
Применение Бальзама Болотова при гипертонии


Heartburn occurs with reflux, when enter the esophagus. 

This disease may be connected with diaphragm hernia, some nervous and digestive systems diseases. But the main thing is that with reflux, stomach cardiac sphincter does not close well. It does not allow stomach contents to enter esophagus. In a more severe cases, not only stomach contents, but also the duodenum contents enter esophagus. 

To fix the problem, it is necessary to restore stomach sphincters tone, which means to normalize esophagus, stomach and intestines acidity. 

Usually, soda-containing products are used to reduce gastric juice acidity, which in turn reduces mucous membrane irritation, but this does not eliminate the problem and heartburn returns more and more often.

In order to fix it, you need to discover heartburn causes. After all, heartburn is not a disease, but only a symptom, a sign of a whole complex of diseases.

Stomach content entering esophagus can be caused by a problem with the esophageal sphincter closing. A weak sphincter that cannot be closed completely is unable to hold stomach contents.

To treat heartburn, you need to deal with its causes. Heartburn of this type can be caused by a esophagus tumor, hernia, exacerbation of stomach ulcers and high acidity gastritis.

The second "set" of heartburn causes is cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and other diseases which cause bile reflux. In this case, heartburn occurs as a result stomach walls irritation with bile. If this is the cause of heartburn, then Bolotov Balsam will help solve the problem. Normalization of gastric juice acidity leads to the closure of the pyloric sphincter leading from the stomach to the intestines. It will stop the bile and stomach contents reflux and not only normalize the digestion of food, but also remove heartburn!

This is how Bolotov Balsam works. It restores the level of gastric juice acidity, natural peristaltic movements of the intestine, the buffering properties of the blood. It not only relieves symptoms, but also affects the cause of heartburn. Balsam intake is not only in case of exacerbation, but also regularly with meals.

Treatment course should be accompanied by a diet (for clients of the Bolotov Center, our specialists will select a diet for free), as well as a lifestyle correction.

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Dosage for this disease

Instructions for use

Drink 1 tsp. diluted in 200 ml of water 3 times a day after meals. It is necessary to drink through a straw.


Course is 2-3 months with 1-1.5 months break.
The original drink may contain a slight grape sediment of a jelly-like mass with insoluble particles.
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Bolotov Balsam

Bolotov Balsam helps with heartburn
Digestion improvement
Due to the normalization of gastric juice acidity food is digested better and is not settled in a stomach.
Normalization of blood composition 
It restores buffer blood and tissue systems. These systems give body the opportunity to restore the balance of ions and acidity when they move to one or the other direction.
Immune system activation
The Balsam acids increase the overall acidity of the body. So the immune system receives a signal of need to be activated, and copes with viruses faster.